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I'm native to Dundee and currently studying my third year of Product Design at Dundee University. I've always had a keen interest in cameras from the age of 14, find jobs by using photography and videography This has taken me all over the world from filming promotional content for St Andrews Links to filming at some of the biggest clubs in Ibiza. In my free time I love a holiday or riding motorbikes.


I'm originally from Belfast but moved to Dundee to study, I graduated in 2018 with a honours degree in Computer Gaming Technology. I love to craft a story through the power visual media, the filming , editing and visual effects. When I get to deliver the final product to the client to see them overcome with joy is a brilliant feeling and makes me strive for perfection in every project. I enjoy football, travelling and cooking in my downtime and still like to play the odd video game.


I am a third year product design student, with a passion for creation, either a physical product, digital or in the form of film or photo! I have always had a connection to photography since my early teens, however my professional career kicked off in 2018 as an events photographer capturing Dundee's nightlife and music events.  Having taken over 30,000 images  and  produced several promotional videos for these venues also. In my free time I love to travel around Scotland taking street photography pictures.


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I've been a freelance drone operator for the past 4 years capturing aerial video for weddings, large events and corporate promotions. About two years ago I started branching out into ground based videography and began offering full video productions. I've captured drone photographs and video all over Scotland, ranging from shooting with the BBC One show taking a piano up Ben Nevis to working with BMW and Mercedes to showcase golf tournaments and showrooms. In my spare time I enjoy playing speed chess online and playing ragtime on the piano.


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