At collective studios we have a huge array of expertise available to create the type of content that will serve your business the best. For some companies 3D design and visual effects are required when the scope of their project is unrealistic from typical approaches, this includes concept art, 3D visualizations, animated 3D logos, models for 3D printing and much more.


For some of our bigger clients we go the extra mile when producing content, and for some clients when we produce a great video for them they're existing 2D just doesn't fit. That's why we offer some brilliantly animated 3D logos that really catch the eye. These are excellent for social media, online and other commercial spaces. Take a look below at some we've done in the past.


For this project the client wanted a 3D recreation of a kitchen that would give the ability to create photo realistic content without having to re-visit the property and re-shoot media. Here you can see an example of two reference photos from the real-life scene and below you can see the 3D photo realistic scene produced with realistic lighting conditions.